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Our main purpose is to help your business grow. We do this by providing very sensible and affordable solutions that help businesses get  their message out while building relationships with  their customers. Through our “AMP Up Your Brand and Ignite Your Business!” service, we prepare the  creative aspects of marketing your message including logo creation, video logo creation and social media content. 

The video logo is a 15 to 20 second video that  can be used on your Facebook and Instagram posts,  and website, and also as a lead-in to other videos you may be using.  In a short period of time this stunning video logo places focused attention on your brand. The reaction is generally “What did I just see?” – and then the video is viewed again. Your brand becomes memorable.

With our extremely simple to use “Text Message Marketing” service, your customers can voluntarily opt-in to your “VIP Customer Text Club”.  Four or five times a month (or whenever you choose whether scheduled or on demand), our system sends out a brief text message to invite your loyal opt-in customer back to your business. For example, a text message for a restaurant might be “Its National Sandwich Day at ‘Business Name’. As a VIP member,  come in and enjoy a free side order with any sandwich order. Offer ends today at 9 pm”.

These periodic messages bring about the following benefits: (1) your business name instantly comes to  top of mind, (2) your offer reminds your customer that they are a VIP,  (3) your offer stimulates your customer to come in today, thus improving your bottom line today (especially useful for slow periods), and (4) you are building a continuing relationship with your customer.

Our clients are having great success with our simple-to-use SMS Text Marketing System that allows customers to join their “VIP Text Club”. Customers are returning again and again. Why? Because our clients are putting their offer directly in front of their customers – on demand or scheduled – thus bringing the offer (and the client’s business) directly to the customer’s top of mind. With a 90+% open rate, plus the fact that messages are usually read within 90 seconds, it’s not hard to see why. Your opt-in customers really do want to hear from you and when they do, they come in and buy. It’s that simple. Build an opt-in list and never have a slow period again.

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